Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wishes on Wheels

Tonight, Chris took part in a fundraiser for the Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital, where he was a patient for 117 days in 1996 (when he was born at 24 weeks gestation). It's a pinebox derby car racing event called "Wishes on Wheels." Chris was one of three "Kids of Emanuel" who participated. I think he was a little nervous beforehand, but he rose to the challenge and was a star performer.

I'm not sure how long this event has been running, but it's full of mostly corporate sponsors who design their own pinebox derby car to race to raise money for the hospital. Fred Meyer has won the trophy for the past 3 years. They had a highly vocal, enthusiastic team!

I think this is now my favorite photo of my miracle boy! With Fred Bear (Fred Meyer's mascot)

Chris and the other kids of Emanuel got to process
in with the Fred Meyer team and the grand trophy

They interviewed each kid about their time in the hospital before the kids had their own race

Nick with Fred Bear (he's not shy with large stuffed creatures!)

The loudest cheerleader in the house!!

In the new children's ambulance
Here's Chris being interviewed--you can hear Kieran cheering in the background:

Our family at the event

Check out this beautiful old ambulance they had on display!

The boys in the ambulance
After years of dreaming, Emanuel is finally building their visionary children's hospital. The NICU will have private rooms, except for the rooms for preemie twins. I can only imagine what our experience would have been like with a private room! The children's ER, which is managed by a friend of ours, is being doubled in size. Families who come to Emanuel's NICU in the future will be very lucky indeed. Not only will they receive great care, but they will have better facilities...which, when you are in the biggest crisis of your lives, is no small matter.

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