Friday, October 29, 2010

Want a chance to support independent film making?

An internet friend of mine, Nicole Conn, is an independent film maker. I first met Nicole after watching her beautiful, touching documentary "Little Man: the Movie," about her son, Nicholas, who was born 100 days too early and weighed just a pound. I sent her an e-mail to thank her for making the film, and we have been e-mailing ever since!

Nicole first became famous with her lesbian film "Claire of the Moon," and recently she made a film called "Elena Undone," with the longest kiss in film history (between two women).

Now she and her partner are raising money to start another film, and they are seeking donations to help them get started. In the heavily dominated male film industry, these women are providing lots of opportunities for other women to participate in film making. Click here to make a donation. It's Nicole's birthday today--happy birthday, Nicole. You are an amazing mom!!!

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