Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's no place like home

I used to travel far more often from 1996 through 2008, and then my job changed. This week it changed again and will continue to evolve. I'm hopeful that I will continue to enjoy my new challenges.

For the most part, I do not miss the travel. This week I was in Denver from Monday through Wednesday, and I had horrible problems with my allergies. I didn't sleep well, and spending time in all-day meetings can be wearing.

What I did enjoy was seeing my colleagues from around North America. (Nearly all of the work I do nowadays is with people around the firm.) I got to meet more colleagues with whom I regularly speak on the phone and work with closely (such as Todd from Deerfield Beach, Florida, pictured below). I met another colleague for coffee early on Wednesday morning so we could catch up. I met another colleague for whom I have been doing a lot of writing, and saw one of my favorite coworkers from Boise, who happened to be in Denver this week. I spent some time chatting with my former boss, who moved to Denver.

But I was very happy to come home. One of the things I always have like about business travel is that it always makes me appreciate my wonderful family so much more. They are so happy to have me home, which warms my heart.

My colleague and I at a Thai restaurant in Denver
Now I'm sitting here feeling bad because I got into a conflict with Kieran this evening before bed. He had torn a 1-inch-diameter hole in the sleeve of a brand new long-sleeved t-shirt. When I asked him about it, first he denied it repeatedly, while looking me right in the eyes. (The kid is a talented liar, unfortunately.) He finally said that a pencil had made the hole (yeah, right). Ultimately he confessed and I expressed my disappointment with his lie in addition to his wrecking the shirt. Then he proceeded to go into self-flagellation mode, crying and threatening to throw himself off the top bunk. (This is typical when he passes beyond the denial stage and into the guilt phase.) In the end, I asked him to promise me he wouldn't do it again, and we pinkie swore. I'm not sure why I feel bad about this, but probably because of my less-than-gentle reaction, exacerbated by my frustration with Nicholas, who was demanding more goldfish and refusing to eat his bedtime turkey sandwich (after professing his hunger).

I hate it when I get into conflict with my kids. Especially when I missed them so much this week. I'm hoping that quality time this weekend will help me center myself and make me a more patient parent.

Before I had children, I would fantasize about having a baby as I tried to go to sleep each night. Now I am so lucky to be blessed with three wonderful boys, and I want to appreciate them every day. There's no place like home...and family.

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