Friday, October 29, 2010

Sound of Music love-in

I don't watch TV much, and I hardly ever watch daytime TV unless it's via video clips later on. So I missed learning that Oprah would be hosting the first-ever reunion of the "Sound of Music" cast since the movie premiere. Bummer!

I've searched online for clips, and couldn't find any full clips with decent sound. Oprah protects her intellectual property fiercely.

But here is a link to a few clips. The segment with the Von Trapp family grandchildren singing "Edelweiss," with scenes from the movie and shots of the cast's faces in the background, brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a sap.

Check out this tribute page on Oprah's site to take a quiz about "The Sound of Music," watch more videos, and read all sorts of information about the movie and the cast.

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