Monday, October 18, 2010

Magic "My Photos"

I love incidences of synchronicity. When I first wrote that sentence with my clumsy iPhone keyboard, I inadvertently typed "I live incidences of synchronicity." How cool is that?

I have a screensaver that scrolls through all my photos, and it's set to go on after I've stopped keyboarding after 1 minute. Here's the magic:

When I'm talking to someone on the phone (someone I know well), inevitably a photo of that person will pop up on my screen. This happens with friends, family, and colleagues--it doesn't matter who it is. If I have a photo of that person saved on my computer (or a photo of that person's family members), it pops up. It's a little spooky, really, but I love it.

You know that school carnival game where a child holds a fishing rod over a wall, and someone behind the wall attaches a toy tailored to that child? I think I might have my own personal fish supplier inside of my computer!

I'm blogging on my iPhone because I'm waiting for a table at Salvador Molly's--we have a $35 groupon that needs to be used by tomorrow and it's the second night we have tried. Mike's taken the boys to the park, and Chris is doing his homework in the waning light. It's positively packed with spillage outside. Maybe the east side has discovered our little southwest gem? I hope we are called soon, because I am hungry!

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