Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you mind holding me?

Those were the first words I heard at 7:00 this morning, when Nicholas appeared in my bed for a snuggle. He didn't sleep well last night and has been fighting a cold. Imagine what kind of world we would have if everyone made requests in such a manner.

Lest you think he's a verbal genius, the other night during dinner, Nick suddenly said "speaking of costumes..." (not that we were!!). The rest of us cracked up, and I asked Nick where he had learned that phrase. "Barney's Halloween!" he replied. And they say TV doesn't teach our children anything!!

Nick's simple early morning plea brought to mind a wonderful story my sister told me last month. I loved the story so much that I suggested she post on her Facebook wall. My sister is a compassionate, extremely conscientious doctor, and many of her patients are elderly. They truly adore her because she always takes the time to answer their questions and make each one of them feel important. (This is why I loved my perinatologist--he was the same!) Doctors like that are rare gems. Here's her story:

A patient of mine lost her sister last week and told me a touching story. She told her sister "I love you" right before she died and her sister looked at her and then said "Thank you..thank you for loving me." So that night, when my boys told me they loved me, I thanked them for loving me. They smiled! It was a beautiful reminder from a dying woman, to thank our loved ones, for loving us...

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