Sunday, October 17, 2010

Budding Picasso

Kieran used to be our little artist, but he seems to have lost interest recently...and Nicholas has taken up the mantle. He can spend hours at the dining room table, drawing or painting away. And now that he's started proper preschool with paints and easels available every day, he's bringing home huge stacks of painting. I think we'll be using it as our Christmas wrapping paper!

The artist at work

There's some serious concentration going on here...
notice the HEAVY use of his favorite color?

We'll be running out of door/wall space soon...

One of his recent efforts--the Disney princesses. I love the fact they are all wearing primary colors.
None of those pastels schmastels!

One of the few pictures Kieran has drawn lately--Count Dracula
(which he will be again for Halloween this year)

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