Saturday, October 23, 2010

The birth month continues

On Friday night, we had some friends over for dinner to celebrate my and my friend Kristin's birthdays. We got to know Catherine and Doug and Kristin and Roger through our volunteer work for the NICU. You know the kinds of friends with whom you can completely be yourself and let your hair down? That's them.

I just realized that 2 years ago we celebrated my birthday with Doug and Catherine downtown at Mother's (Kristin and Roger were living in Wisconsin), and last year we celebrated with Kristin and Roger, also downtown, at Sungari.

Kristin, Catherine, and I try to meet for lunch somewhat regularly, but we hadn't gotten together as three couples in absolutely YEARS. It was such a special treat to get together for an evening.

Mike made a gourmet meal of a wonderful green dip (made with kale, scallions, garlic, and hazelnut butter), scallops in red pepper sauce, herb green beans, sauteed Chanterelles, and poached pears for dessert.

Doug wrote me a poem about our friendship and read it (it was beautiful and made me cry). He and Catherine gave each of us a beautiful, soft scarf, and then Catherine decided we needed to have a fashion show. Giggles ensued:

Time to get the boys involved!

And it's the Jewish wedding pose ("Where was the little girl I carried?"...)

Buddies Jonah and Kieran (3 months apart in age) digging into the ice cream

Doug and Catherine

Roger, Kristin, and their daughter Aimee

Me with the chef

Chris with Kristin
Today my sister Nadine and her family came down to celebrate our joint birthdays. Mom offered to watch her boys so we could go out to lunch. We met at Marco's and then did a little shopping in Multnomah Village before going to my parents' house for dinner (mulligatawny--yum!). Here we are with our birthday fruit crisp (I'll take that over cake anytime!).
October birthday sisters
I've always enjoyed the fact that we both have birthdays in October. It's been a great weekend so far. Let the birth month continue! :)

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