Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back to School!

The kids are enjoying their school years. In the past several weeks, we've been to back-to-school nights at the middle school, grade school, and preschool. Nicholas is enjoying his new school. They even celebrated his early September birthday recently:
Look at that serious look! He loved his crown...

Snack time with the birthday boy!
The back-to-school picnic at Kieran's school was rained out, so we just toured the classrooms (and bought books at the annual book sale!).

Kieran and Daddy

With me (notice the 4-year-old lying on the floor in the
background--whose kid is that, anyway??)

Playing logic games with his classmates

The other night was Nicholas' school's ice cream social. They always have the BEST face painters!!
Look at Kieran's dragon

And the best pirate face painting job I've ever
seen--he even had a scar on his cheek
Every year they hire the hilarious BJ the clown to entertain the kids. I have rarely seen my kids laugh as hard as when they are watching BJ!
Kieran participating in the pre-show

BJ kept calling Kieran his "dad," which made all the kids crack up
Finally I clued in to start filming the show--here's Part 2 of the pre-show:

Then I decided I needed to capture Nick's hilarity:

The kids posing with BJ:

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