Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Affirmation of the day: "My healing is already in progress"

My friend Shelia gave me a pack of beautiful affirmation cards for my birthday (thanks, Shelia!), and I decided I'm going to choose one each day to carry around with me.

On the other side of the card, it says:
My willingness to forgive begins my healing process. I allow the love from my own heart to wash through me, cleansing and healing every part of my body. I know I am worth healing.*
My role model for forgiveness is my 14-year-old son, Chris. When Chris was in 5th grade, he saw a classmate at the community center and started a friendly conversation. The other kid, trying to show off for some older kids, told him to "f--k off." Some of you have heard the entertaining story of how Mike got involved in this situation (which I will refrain from writing here, since he thinks I put too much on my blog!). This kid was already headed down the track of juvenile delinquency. He didn't seem to be receiving much attention and effective role modeling at home, from what we hear about his home situation. He showed up erratically in 6th grade before getting suspended or some such thing. Then he moved away. This year he's back. And Chris is now his Facebook friend, much to my chagrin. Because he is the most forgiving person I know.

Mike and I both talk to him about protecting himself and steering clear from kids who are not very nice...to little avail. Chris is endlessly optimistic and tries very hard to see the best in people and give them a second (or third or fourth) chance.

He's way better at forgiveness than either of his parents. So this is a good affirmation for me to start with. And I've put it into practice today by sending my brother an e-mail to let him know I'm thinking of him and I love him.

*From Power Thought Cards by Louise L. Hay

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