Saturday, October 23, 2010

Affirmation of the Day: "I trust my inner wisdom"

"As I go about my daily affairs, I listen to my own guidance. My intuition is always on my side. I trust it to be there at all times. I am safe."*

I began thinking about the choices I've made and the patterns in my life in which I relied on my inner wisdom. Two primary ones come to mind.

I first met Mike in January 1987, at a Robert Burns night celebration at the home of a mutual Scottish friend. I knew right away he was someone special. He was witty, charming, handsome, and intelligent. He also loved literature like I did. Over the next few months our mutual friend Cath did some matchmaking, and when we saw each other again in April, we immediately connected.

A few months later, I decided to extend my time in Japan because I knew I needed to continue investing in this relationship. I couldn't risk throwing it away to return to the U.S., and it wasn't as if I knew what I'd do when I returned home. When I told Mike about my decision, he was a bit shell shocked. At that point, I suppose I must have had more confidence for the future of our relationship than he did. I tried not to let that intimidate me!! But as a result, for the next couple of years, I refrained from talking about the future beyond Japan because I didn't want him to feel pushed into a long-term relationship unless he was ready. My intuition appeared to be stronger than his early in our relationship. I'm sure glad I made the choice to stay in Japan! Who knows how things might have turned out otherwise?

The other time we both followed our intuition was when Chris was hanging on to life by a thin thread in the NICU. We clung to our hopes that he would be okay, and on some level, we both had the intuition that he would survive and be fine. Without that deep feeling of inner wisdom, we couldn't have kept hold of our hopes.

How has intuition served you well?

*From Power Thought Cards by Louise L. Hay

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