Monday, September 27, 2010

Women priest movement growing?

In case you haven't been following the Catholic news, you might not have heard about all the attention the women priest movement has been receiving.

Jennifer Sleeman
An 80-year-old Catholic woman in Ireland, Jennifer Sleeman (the mother of a monk) called on Catholic women around the world to boycott mass yesterday, September 26, in protest of the Catholic church's treatment of women.

Hundreds of Portland-area Catholics gathered in the downtown park blocks yesterday in protest, in the rain.

This popped up in my news this morning, from Time Magazine:
"The Push to Ordain Women Priests Gains Ground." The article concludes: "There are a lot of Catholic priests who are helping the women priests. You'd be surprised."

This afternoon when I checked my Yahoo e-mail, I saw "women priests" as one of the 10 "Trending Now" topics (topics most searched on Yahoo).

Could it be that a quiet revolution is beginning? Will it be effectively crushed, or will it grow?

I suspect that the topic of women priests could be similar to gay rights--overall, the younger generations are more embracing of inclusion than the older generations. However, I suspect that we will see married priests in the Catholic church before we see women priests. And over certain aging Catholics' dead bodies (such as the current pope and his cronies).

But think back 10 years. Who would have ever guessed that we would have an African-American president? I guess miracles are possible.


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