Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's your religion IQ?

According to a recent study,  most Americans are illiterate about religion...even in some cases, their own! Atheists and agnostics scored the highest on the 32-question, multiple-choice quiz, followed by Jews and Mormons. Many Catholics, Jews, and protestants didn't know the basics of their own religions (for example, the principle of transubstantiation or who Martin Luther was). I'll bet that no self-respecting Lutheran (or Catholic member of a Lutheran-Catholic community) would get the Martin Luther question wrong, though!

Take a sample of the quiz and see how you do. I scored 93%--14 out of 15--and was feeling proud of myself, until I posted it on Facebook and two of my friends scored 100%! Oh well--it's a good thing I'm not competitive. :)

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