Sunday, September 5, 2010


We just returned from a wonderful weekend at the beach, with perhaps the last of our good weather. I took Thursday and Friday off as a final last break before school started for the kids.

Thursday night we took to the beach for a lovely campfire at sunset. I had bought the makings for s'mores earlier, including two bars of expensive fair trade chocolate. Especially after reading Catching Fire over the weekend, I'm more determined than ever not to support child slave-produced chocolate.

Love this photo of my bright-eyed, increasingly toothless boy:

Sun setting...

Mike was complaining about all the people on the beach that evening...but it was nothing compared to Friday through Sunday! We are just spoiled.

Beautiful colors!

My perfect marshmallow! (The kids were down by the water with Mike at this point, and I had to show it to someone before I ate I took a photo!)

I have to admit that, while the s'mores were way more expensive with free trade chocolate, I've never tasted such good ones! I used dark chocolate in mine...yum!

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