Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lunch with the boys

Now that the older boys are back in school, Mike, Nicholas, and I have reinstated our lunch dates. Today they came to my office and we went to the Wednesday farmer's market. It's much more relaxed (and smaller) than the Saturday one. Mike and I had chicken shwarma plates, but Nicholas refused to eat much beyond a few bites of chicken. Usually, he loves hummus, but over the weekend I made it from scratch with sesame oil, and he turned up his nose at it. I'm wondering whether I've turned him off all hummus now! He's our terribly picky eater.

On the way to market we passed the Oregonian building, which had this huge photo of Nick's favorite elephant (Samudra) on the wall!

Look at these absolutely GORGEOUS golden raspberries I bought. I'm not sure what we'll do with them--freeze them? Cook with them? Or just look at them? They attracted a lot of attention as I was carrying them around!
At the market, with all sorts of lovely fruits and veggies, Nick wouldn't sample any peaches, melons, or other goodies they were offering. But that didn't stop us from sampling! We bought a sweet little yellow melon--can't remember the name--I love discovering new varieties.

We decided to stop at one of Nick's fave lunch spots, Steamers, to get him some dumplings. He devoured them and wanted more. Next time we will go to Steamers first, before the market!
Mike and Nick getting ready to go home (outside of my office). Nick is holding his rubber goldfish, which is in a little cup of water. He acquired said goldfish at the dentist's office yesterday...and has named him "Muff Potter." It's a good thing the kids don't have a dog or a cat--I can only imagine what they would name it!! (Kieran's female goldfish is named "Gavroche"!)
The weather has been positively balmy today. After the walk back to the office, carrying the raspberries and veggies, we were both hot and sweaty! Nice to have a break before the rain invades...

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