Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jon Stewart on "Christian" Pastor Terry Jones

A great way to show how God
is working in your life
is to stop telling others
how God should be working in theirs.
--John Shore

So far I've refrained from blogging about crazy pastor Terry Jones from Florida. Now he is offering a ransom--he won't burn the Quran if they stop the building of the Islamic Center in New York. What a bargain! And in the meantime, he will continue to get all sorts of media attention for free because he is a fringe lunatic.

In this spot-on clip, Jon Stewart points out the insanity of various news outlets comparing the media firestorm around the event to that of the proposed "Ground Zero Mosque." Because after all, "a Christian is an extremist for burning the Quran, and a Muslim is an extremist for reading from it."
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