Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I can see Kieran doing something like this someday...

Lately he's been into picking up garbage wherever we go...whether it's on the beach, or walking back to our car after going to the farmers market...there is NO shortage of garbage. I will have to find a way to get him to this exhibit of art made from beach trash:

The Washed Ashore project takes beach trash and turns it into beautiful pieces of art. It's exhibiting in Newport until the end of January, and then moving to Coos Bay for a few months.

Here's a blog by a Californian woman who has created a 365-day project to collect beach trash: The Daily Ocean.

Those of you who are older than 40, do you remember this commercial from the 1970s, with the crying Native American man? I was trained to never litter. Who are these people who throw their garbage on the ground, or on the beach? Have they no shame?

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