Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honoring Cacey and Diana: Domestic Violence Month

Coworker Cacey
Sunday night I heard the tragic news that a coworker in Virginia--a graphic designer--was killed by her husband. I did not know Cacey well, but she had worked at my company for over 30 years and she was loved and highly regarded by everyone who knew her. This has been a terrible blow to many of my coworkers. Today I heard that our CEO flew to the office in Reston, Virginia, to comfort her coworkers, and he cried with them.

This week I cannot get Diana out of my mind. Cacey is the second person I've known who was killed by her husband. Diana Logan was my sister's dear friend and housemate while she did her residency at Providence Hospital in Portland. She was an incredibly bright, quirky, and playful soul. I remember that she loved to play with puzzles and toys. My sister was doing her residency when Chris was born, so Diana was a prominent part of his life in his early years. She was at his baptism, spent the day at the zoo with us on his first birthday, attended birthday parties, etc. She read at my sister's wedding and was a faithful friend.

She married a man she met at a fast food restaurant, and opposites attracted. Diana had been raised in an affluent, educated east coast family, while Kayne came from a blue collar background. I remember the day before her wedding, he got drunk and they fought. She expressed some misgivings to my sister. Our entire family attended their wedding.

After they'd been together for less than two years, things began deterioriating. Diana was a private person and she didn't talk about her marital troubles. According to this news article, Kayne had assaulted her before and had been told he had to enter a domestic violence treatment program. I wouldn't be surprised if Diana kept this information from all of her friends...she was reserved, and she evidently believed she could save her marriage. Everyone who knew her wish that they had known what was going on and that they could have done something to help, just as my coworkers and friends feel about Cacey.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In light of the tragic events this past weekend that took Cacey's life, please get involved and spread the word. If you know of anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or if you yourself are a victim...GET HELP. Cacey and Diana were beautiful, warm, caring, gentle women who were loved by all who knew them. Their lives ended much too violently and much too soon.


  1. ” its great that you guys are focusing people’s minds on the issue of domestic violence by devoting a month to raising awareness. In the UK we’re trying different approaches to encouraging young people to talk through the implications of domestic violence by using film and digital media. We’ve created a site called that shows a drama about a young woman’s experience of living with an abusive partner. This is a UK approach but I hope you guys find it useful. Thanks.”