Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cousin love: weekend in Puyallup

We intended to go camping last weekend--we had made reservations online for a campground halfway between Portland and Puyallup--but no one wanted to camp in the rain. So unfortunately we forfeited our $48 per family (too late to get a partial refund) and decided to hang out instead (inside)!

Kieran and Daniel were determined to have a yard sale. Kieran had brought up a box of things to sell, although we cautioned both kids that there would be NO sale if it rained. What do you know? Clear skies and sunny from about 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.! We threw together a very quick "kids yard sale," with clearly kid-drawn signs and even a hasty ad on craigslist. We did not expect them to earn any money. I started the sale off by buying a $1 DVD for Nicholas (Thomas the Tank Engine), because I figured then they would at least have a dollar. The kids had decided to pool all their money and split it--you can tell how much they love each other!

Setting up
Want to buy some kids? (Yard Kid Sale)
We were completely amazed when they made $44! One sweet woman came by and bought most of the DVDs for her (future) grandchildren. She was a special-ed teacher and was searching out Iron Man paraphernalia for one of her students. Although my nephews own Iron Man toys, they were not for sale. After donating $4 to charity, they each came away with $10 each.

At one point, Mike and David took the boys on a bike ride while Nadine and I watched the sale. Unfortunately, poor Daniel got stung by a yellow jacket--while he was innocently stopped on his bike, not bothering anyone! That marked the fourth yellow jacket sting this summer--Garrett got stung during our trip to Vancouver BC, and Mike was stung there and one time at home. They are extremely aggressive this summer.

Nadine and I were able to get away in the afternoon to take a walk around Bradley Lake a couple of times. The kids played, played, and played more.

Stop! Police, fire, and Buzz Lightyear!
Speed Racer--Daniel wants to be a race car driver when he grows up
(Dream on, Daniel! your parents, not to mention your auntie, will never let you in a race car!)
Saturday evening we invited our wonderful friends Nancie and Dave over for dinner. I've known Nancie for 10 years now--we used to be on the same management team at work. When we first met, we hit it off immediately. We were born exactly 10 years apart and share a birthday (October 6). They are Nicholas' godparents, and Nadine and David and Nancie and Dave have NEVER met, before Saturday night. They got along like a house on fire. We had the best time!
The kids watching a video while the grown-ups have a fancy dinner in the dining room
Two of my closest friends, real sister Nadine and birthday sister Nancie!
Kieran lost another tooth Saturday night
Our kids all adore Nancie and Dave too
Late at night after too much wine and laughter!
The kids played together extraordinary well, as always. It never ceases to amaze me to see how well they all get along. They are best buddies.
Ryan and Nick playing Batman
And even though Chris is the elder statesman of the group--and is often off by himself reading or using his iPod Touch--today he told me how much he missed his cousins, too. (Nick is the one who expresses this thought the most.)

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