Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach bums

Our fun weekend at the beach was full of lots of reading, garage saling (see previous posts), blackberry picking, bike riding (we finally used our bike rack, which we bought a couple of years ago!), beach combing, a trip to Flamingo Jim's (a "veritable temple of kitsch" and a perfect place for Kieran to buy rocks), playing pirates and Toy Story, and playing Guitar Hero and Beatles Rock Band:

We also celebrated Nick's birthday on Saturday--here he is modeling his new firefighter raincoat from his aunt and uncle in England:

His request for a birthday dessert was vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with whipped cream and sprinkles. No cake! He's an ice cream boy all the way, like his daddy.

Nick helping me make the blackberry pie:

On the beach:

This is the famous jetty in Nedonna Beach--it juts out into the ocean, with Nehalem Bay on the other side. Our family has been either (1) walking to and from, or (2) climbing on the jetty since I was a kid. I remember being on the jetty as a college student with my younger brother in the middle of a storm--beautiful and exciting!!

It offers wonderful views, often of seals (and also of boaters, etc.), not to mention the ocean.

Of course, Kieran was climbing the jetty barefooted!

Nick enjoyed this little teepee, before his older brother deconstructed it...

Wading in the water...

inevitably turns to swimming and getting soaked...

We ran into a family friend, Bruce, who was harvesting mussels off the jetty. Bruce and his wife Sue have had a house a few blocks from my parents for years. Before my parents built their house, we would rent Bruce and Sue's house--for family weekends, church youth group retreats, etc. It's always nice to run into them in Nedonna Beach.

Final day on the beach...burying Kieran in the sand!

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