Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why I like living near Multnomah Village

Yesterday we attended the annual Multnomah Days in nearby Multnomah Village. The village is a charming, historical area (founded around 1910) full of shops, restaurants, and a community center. The area has lots of parks and recreational opportunities, and it's a progressive area with lots of families.

When Mike and I were looking for a larger house back in 1999, we knew we wanted to stay in the Portland city limits. We wanted walking accessibility to shops, restaurants, and venues...but we also wanted good schools and resources for children. We had always been drawn to Multnomah Village, and as luck would have it, my dad found a house for us only 1/2 mile from the village, close to my parents in Beaverton, but within the city.

Sometimes we miss the sidewalks and hip, urban feel of the close-in east side. When we are on the east side, we drive past our old house (now looking far more gentrified than it did when we lived there!) and feel nostalgic. We miss being able to walk to Hawthorne and the Baghdad theater/pub. But this is the right area for us now, and Multnomah Days reminds me of that.

We put out chairs around 9:20 for the parade, which started at 10:00. It's a cute little small-town parade, with plenty of candy for the kids. I will spare you my lecture about how we never got candy thrown to us when we were kids...what happened to the love of parades for parades' sake?? Sigh...

After the parade, Mike took the kids to the Multnomah Arts Center while I did some shopping. Topanien, my favorite store in the village, has a great annual sidewalk sale, where I did tons of Christmas and birthday shopping. I bought a book for my nephew's birthday at Annie Bloom's (which Mike tells me is going to cost at least $15, nearly as much as I paid for it, to send to Australia!). I also perused the pottery sale at the Multnomah Arts Center, full of beautiful artwork and great deals.

This year they had some great kids activities, all free and sponsored by the Portland Arts & Recreation District. Here is Kieran at the end of his rock climbing jaunt:

Then we had
Salvador Molly's tamales (and a hot dog for Nick from the Down to Earth cafe stand) before heading home.

But the best thing about Multnomah Days? Definitely the small town feel. We saw and chatted to countless people we know, including our wonderful elementary school principal. It makes the world feel a little bit smaller. I love our village!

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