Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vancouver--Granville Island

Granville Island is, technically, not actually an island; it's more like a peninsula. Once it was an industrial manufacturing area, but now it's become one of Vancouver's hottest shopping, dining, and entertainment districts, with a very large public market. It's also home to artists, the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and many artist studios and showrooms.

The most charming way to reach Granville Island is by boat, even though one can technically drive or walk there. We parked in Vanier Park near the maritime museum and took the miniferry, which is described as a "bathtub boat." (They are very small!) Mike was a bit worried before embarking because he is prone to seasickness in small boats, but he did fine. The little boats were not cheap (like everything else in Vancouver), but they were fun!

On the mini-ferry

The kids loved Granville Island. After the public market, we walked to the Kids' Market--essentially a shopping center filled entirely with things for kids. In the back of the market was an organic coffee shop (coffee time for me and Nadine, and fancy rooibos tea for Mike), as well as what Nick called a "pirate ship."

The best thing for kids is the free water park. Unfortunately, we hadn't come very prepared that day and forgot to pack swimsuits for the kids...but they went in anyway. The water park consists of a bunch of fountains and two wonderful water slides, which end in small chutes of water. Perfect for a hot day in Vancouver.

Boy it was nice to have a teenager along--Nick was too little to go down the slides by himself, so Chris sweetly agreed to go with him. This was their first attempt, before they got the hang of going together!

Kieran in his element!

A happy Garrett

Another thing Kieran loved was the crystal shop (he loves fancy rocks!), where he decided to spend his last $3 on a bag of rock. This little rock play area--where the kids could take off their shoes and walk in the rocks--was also a hit.
Nick showing off his new pirate hat, which we bought in the costume shop in the Kids' Market:

"The Cousins Do Granville Island":
Heading back at the end of a fun day:

The views from the mini-ferry:

The little unassuming dock from which we caught the mini-ferry:
The kids were happy with their gelato at the end of the day! And that evening, Mike and I barbecued salmon and made corn on the cob (from the market) for dinner, while Nadine and David went out to dinner in Stanley Park.

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