Thursday, August 12, 2010

S'mores in the backyard

What does the middle G-G want to do on summer evenings for fun? Have a "bonfire," of course! We actually bought a proper fire pit contraption at Costco last summer but we have yet to use it, because young master Kieran prefers his own fire pit. He asks to have a "bonfire" every evening, but he doesn't always get his way.

Tonight, however, Mike had capitulated and bought s'more makings. To my chagrin, he bought Hershey's chocolate (not free trade!). I found it interesting that Kieran conveniently forgot to remind him of this fact, after I've heard him lecturing Nicholas about drinking chocolate milk made with nonfree trade chocolate! I know it's easy to forget, and I have to confess that I did indulge in half a s'more myself (with a strawberry marshmallow--not quite the same thing!).

I love the smell--and aftersmell--of a campfire, and now I'm in the mood for camping!

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