Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here comes four!!!

Nicholas turns four this Saturday (over Labor Day weekend), and we began celebrating his birthday (in true G-G style) last weekend with a trip to the Enchanted Forest. We've been making regular trips there since Chris was very young. It's getting shabbier and kitschier each year, and just about as far away from Disney as one can get. Even though they've seen the same old nursery rhyme dioramas and figures year after year, the kids still enjoy it--even the older ones. It was especially fun because they got to hang out with their cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandma, who arrived after we'd been there for an hour or so.

During our first walk-through of the nursery rhyme land:

In Sleeping Beauty's castle

Posing with an elf

On a fallen log stretched like a bridge over the path

Near the "old woman in a shoe" slide

Listening to the gossip on the old-fashioned phone in the gift store:

When we went back to the picnic area near the entrance to meet Nadine, David, the boys, and my mom, who should we run into but my cousin Scott's wife Stephanie, her twin girls, and her niece Victoria (daughter of my cousin Tim)? Unfortunately, they were on their way home, so our meeting was all too brief!

Nick insisted on being in the very first car of the train, so he could "steer"!

Kieran crowded onto this ride when he spied Daniel and Ryan...

With the Enchanted Forest's "mascot," Chip!

Nick riding the bumper boats with his cousins

After watching the high-camp, slapstick play "Hansel and Gretel" (which has many predictable jokes and routines, like a British pantomime), the kids posed with the stars of the show:

Going into the witch's mouth!

In the English village:

Time to go home! Posing by the castle:

Saturday night we had a family birthday dinner for Chris and Nick: sausages, chicken burgers, and salmon burgers on the gas grill. Unfortunately, we couldn't take advantage of eating outside because we've discovered a yellowjacket nest in the backyard.

Chris with his candles!

And Nick with his:

And opening presents...

When my mom arrived and asked Nick to guess what she had brought him, she said "presents!" to which he expressed a disappointed "what about my chocolate cake?"

Our nephews are so great about making cards for every single birthday (and every other occasion). And here I am, the card-making wannabe. They put me (and my kids) to shame! Truly impressive.

Nadine and David and family gave Chris his own Enchanted Forest t-shirt--he was thrilled.

Nick is our one child who actually PLAYS with the toys he receives! Chris and Kieran would be happy to receive toys initially, but they seemed to lose interest and the toys would sit neglected. Nick gets use out of his toys...except when they have lots of little pieces. In that case, they inevitably get lost and misplaced. :(

In addition to a friend's 50th birthday party on Friday night and a thank you celebration for our spiritual programs facilitator at church on Sunday (Chris and I played music at both services), it was quite the busy weekend!

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