Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you a creative wannabe? Handy with a sewing machine?

As regular blog readers might recall, I am fascinated by the one-year, one-project types, such as:

Nickel and Dimed, and Bait and Switch, by Barbara Ehrenreich
The Unlikely Disciple, by Kevin Roose (well, this was a semester, not a year)
Living Oprah
Not Buying It, by Judith Levine

I enjoyed the film "Julie and Julia," but haven't read the book because some say the movie is better. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver is in my pile of books to read.

Then there's my favorite writer's blog,
The Year of Writing Dangerously!

I even started my own fledgling attempts to do a year-long blog project,
One Year to an Organized Life, which is slowly turning into "Several Years to an Organized Life" (and just wait until my children are out of the house, what, 15 years from now????). I give myself some slack, because after all, I work full-time and am the mother of three children. Note that none of the people who do the successful one-year projects have children!!!

But to the point. I just discovered a new blog that I love...and it makes me want to sew!!! A young woman named Marisa has set out to find a $1 dress for each day of the year and transform it into a wearable creation, and she is documenting
her efforts here. Her creativity and writing style are right up my alley. I know I would never be able to weave such magic into clothing, but I greatly admire her creations and creativity.

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