Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American boy plans to make peace visit to North Korea

A 13-year-old Korean-American boy, Jonathan Lee, plans to fly to Pyongyang tomorrow and meet with North Korean officials to propose a "children's peace forest" in the demilitarized zone.

Remember the Republicans' reaction to presidential candidate Obama's notion of having talks with the "axis of evil" nations? I'm sure they wouldn't think much of Jonathan Lee's idea.

And it also brings to mind this George Carlin quote, which I love (and which I've posted a few times before):

"Another plan I have is 'World Peace through Formal Introductions.' The idea is
that everyone in the world would be required to meet everyone else in the world,
formally, at least once. You'd have to look the person in the eye, shake hands,
repeat their name, and try to remember one outstanding physical characteristic.
My theory is, if you knew everyone in the world personally, you'd be less
inclined to fight them in a war: 'Who??? The Malaysians??? Are you kidding??? I
know those people!!!'"

Kudos and admiration to Jonathan Lee--you are a brave pioneer for peace!

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