Sunday, August 8, 2010

Acting runs in the family

Last Saturday we went to see two of my nephews perform in a community theater production of "The Music Man." They had attended a camp put on by the Main Stage theater company in Sumner, WA, and after less than 30 hours of rehearsal (2 weeks of 2 hours per day three times a week, followed by a week of 3 hours a day), the all-youth cast performed a great rendition of "The Music Man."

Ryan and Daniel were two of the youngest members of the cast, and Daniel was one of the shortest. They were adorable, and really enjoyed their time on the stage!

Here they are between performances, in costume:

And with the rest of the family:

We went to a park to let the kids play for a bit before Nadine and David returned for the next performance...and we gave them their anniversary presents--here's one of them:

The plaque reads: "Thou shalt have dominion over the animals...(except of course the cats." They have two black cats that are tearing up their house and soiling many a surface!

Then we gave David his guitar-themed birthday presents: "keytars" (guitar-shaped rubber covers for keys) and these sunglasses:

They were primarily a joke, but David tells us that he will wear them!

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