Saturday, July 17, 2010

South Beach bores

As if we were not nitpicky enough eaters (eschewing red meat and wheat, for the most part), now Mike and I have embarked on the South Beach Diet together.

I went on the South Beach earlier this year after noticing extra poundage around my middle. Isn't it interesting the way every woman (and man) carries her weight differently? I was noticing this in the theme parks, where there seem to be a higher percentage of overweight people. Some carry it in their thighs, some in their bottoms, some in their arms, and some around their waist. For me, it's nearly all stuck around my waist.

I know I will never again be the 85 pounds I was when graduating from high school (seriously!), but I also know that I need to eat healthier (diabetes and heart disease run in my family) and would like to feel better in my clothing. I lost about 10 pounds on the South Beach earlier in the year but over the months I've plateaued.

After our Florida trip, Mike decided that he needed to do something radical, so we decided to do South Beach together. It is so much nicer having a partner in this food deprivation thing!

For those unitiated, South Beach starts out with a two-week Phase 1, during which you eat lean protein, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and dairy. No fruit, potatoes or starchy veggies, grains, sugar, or alcohol, not to mention fried foods and other fattening things. It's like most typical detox diets. I find that I really miss the grains. We are 5 days in to Phase 1.

I do think that it's easier to eat lots of vegetables during summer than during the winter. I stocked up on lots of lovely veggies today at the Farmer's Market. Lunch was garlic-sauteed chicken on zucchini, white beans, basil, and shiitake mushrooms with lemon and basil.

Unfortunately our garden this year is a complete failure. I tried to plant seeds, but they got drowned in the rain...and only a few things have come up. Now that we finally have sunshine, no one has tomato plants any longer. So it will be market-bought tomatoes instead of home-grown tomatoes, much to my dismay.

It's all a bit embarassing, though, because I realize how difficult we are to cook for and how boring we are to dine with. But the most important goal is to feel better about our health and our bodies.


  1. When I read this I thought of this article I recently read on waist-height ratio

    Bravo to you and Mike for doing something about both look great!

  2. Thanks Katy--I'll check it out. You are very kind. :)