Monday, July 26, 2010

Sentimental sop

Mike and I took our brood to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D yesterday afternoon. Man was it expensive! I am aging myself when I say I remember when matinees were half-price. Now they are nearly as expensive as the evening shows, and 3-D costs $3.50 extra per person. And Chris is an adult virtually everywhere now. (I have to say that although the 3-D was fun, I don't think it was particularly necessary.)

I have to say, though, that I really enjoyed the movie. It might even be my favorite of the series. The original Toy Story was quite male centered; about the only females in the movie were Bo Peep and Mrs. Potato Head, both minor characters. Toy Story 2 was an improvement because Jesse the cowgirl was introduced, and in Toy Story 3, Jesse, a Barbie doll, and even a little girl all have key roles.

What I liked the most about the story (and the series in general) are the encompassing themes of loyalty and true friendship. A friend forgives you when you make a mistake, or turn into a crazy person temporarily, or abandon the group until you come to your senses. A friend will always get you out of a pickle, even if it means taking death-defying risks to save you. A friend will always be there for you during your tough times.

And yes, I cried, no less than three times. The most emotional scene for me was when Andy's mom says goodbye as he leaves for college. I tend not to consider myself to be quite as sentimental about my children as my lovely sister (who I will always recall expressed sadness about approaching birth when she was pregnant, because her babies would not be with her all the time any more), and my wonderful brother-in-law (who cherishes his long bedtime routine with his sons because this time will not last forever)...but now I will be thinking more about that day approaching. Chris is turning 14 next month and will be entering high school in one more year. The day is not too far away. Considering how rapidly the first 14 years have raced by, I know that time will be here in what seems like an instant. Another reason to cherish every moment.

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