Monday, July 26, 2010

Now officially an Apple family

I bought an iPhone 3GS over the weekend. After I set up my work e-mail and charged it overnight (without loading anything on it), it stopped working the next day. For most of Sunday I tried to get it working again, and today I had to take it back to AT&T. (Mike was not surprised, as apparently as a child he had horrible luck with electronic gadgets...) Ultimately, they replaced it with a new one...and it's up and running. I loaded my entire enormous music library on it (nearly 20 GB) and have had some fun this evening downloading some applications (more than I told Chris I planned to do!).

The major appeal of the iPhone for me was to have one device for music, e-mail, and phone. And our iPods continue to get passed down.

1. I bought an iPod Shuffle (the original version) years ago and loved it.

2. I purchased an iPod Nano a few years ago and sold my iPod Shuffle to Chris for $30.

3. Chris purchased an iPod Touch this spring after saving all his money for many months. He sold the original iPod Shuffle to Kieran for $10.

4. Now Kieran will have my Nano and Mike will get the Shuffle.

Seem unfair? Well, Mike is a wonderful dad and a softy. Kieran desperately wants to be able to see the name of the song (which the Shuffle does not do), so Mike agreed to let him have it. I was surprised to learn that Mike was interested in the Shuffle at all, because he's the least likely of all of us to listen to music.

He discovered a new British singer the other day on NPR and checked one of his CDs out of the library. I teased him mercilessly. The guy sounds like muzak crossed with the Eurovision Song Contest (which he loved as a boy). Am I not a mean wife? Our musical tastes overlap at times (he's even made an ABBA lover out of me), but not always!

In case you have never heard of or seen the Eurovision Song Contest (I hadn't until I met Mike), check out this poor-quality video compilation of some of the winners. It's like American Idol Musical Group for European and commonwealth countries. It will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

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