Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting harder to shop my principles

Those of you who know me well understand I do try to shop using my principles. It's not always easy to do so.

My secret confession of July? I shopped at Wal-Mart in Florida. I have been into Wal-Mart a grand total of two times in my life. I needed to buy some new sandals for Nicholas and we didn't have much selection near our rental in Kissimmee. So I got sucked in! Don't worry--I don't plan to make it a regular occurrence.

Yesterday the German tycoon owner of Trader Joe's died. Reading that article led me on a trail to this one, which discusses Trader Joe's secretive purchasing practices, which are being questioned by activist groups. Until I know something factual, I refuse to boycott Trader Joe's (although I do certainly wish the company used less packaging on its fruits and veggies!). What would I do without the wonderful quality and variety and reasonable prices of TJ's? I hope no skeletons are found in its tropical-shirt-attired closet!

Other news I learned today: According to the HuffPo, the CEO of Target has donated $150K to a homophobic candidate in Minnesota. This is surprising news, because earlier this year the Human Rights Campaign gave Target a 100% rating for its treatment of LGBT employees. I certainly understand the CEO's practice of supporting candidates on both sides of the aisle (my company does the same), but this is unacceptable. I'll be firing off an e-mail to Target's CEO. Target is our family's anti-Wal-Mart. If there had been a Target in sight in Kissimmee, you can bet I would have chosen that alternative.

So at least I did read ONE piece of good news today!!

Previously I had read that AT&T is well known for supporting conservative causes, so of course I felt guilty last weekend when I took advantage of my company's 18% discount for personal cell phone plans and opened a two-year contract on my new iPhone. Well, apparently, AT&T has changed its ways and is now supporting Democrats. So now that's one less thing to feel guilty about in my world.

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