Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun in Florida, Part 5--family reunions

After Islands of Adventure, we had a break day to hang out with Mike's cousin's kids. The kids swam, played, and went boating at their racquet club. I think seeing their second cousins swim like fish inspired Kieran and our Nicholas. Yesterday Mike took the kids swimming, and both younger kids were much more adventurous in the water than previously.

Playing water games

Chris with cousin Anna and her friend:

New buddies Kieran, Nick, and Nick (family name!):

Relaxing in the shade:

Nick enjoyed the (extremely warm!) wading pool:

Boating on the lake (I'm surprised our kids were not scared of gators!):

Mike with his first cousin, once removed, Emily (who is being a nanny for her cousins during the summer, just like I did when I was in college):

I was in the middle of The Girl Who Played With Fire...

This time Anna took Kieran out:

And Chris and I took the paddle boat out with Nick:

Our second-to-last day in Florida we went to Mike's cousin Tammy's house for dinner and a reunion with his aunt, cousins, and families. Here are Mike and Olga with the Florida contingent of women:
left to right: Tammy, her daughter Emily, Mike, Nancy, Olga, and Leslie

Leslie and her husband Doug were in Haiti when the earthquake struck earlier this year, so we were fascinated to hear about their experiences there.

With Chris and Anna

More pool time for the boys--Kieran meditating??

Tanya with Mike's mum (Aunty Olga)

With my wonderful mother-in-law:

Chris with Grandma England (the phrase he coined when he was little). The other day Nick announced that he knew what his grandparents' names were: Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Shirley. Mike asked what his other grandma's name was, and he replied: "England!"

Tammy, Tanya, and Anna:

Chris had such a great time with his cousins and was very sad to leave Florida:

Tammy with her dog:

Mike with Leslie's husband Doug and Aunty Nancy:

Beautiful girl:

The whole crew:

Nicks goofing off:

Second cousins:

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