Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blaming the (step)mother, revisited

In recent days, as concerning information emerges about Terri Moulton Horman, I have been recalling the post I wrote about how everyone seems to be blaming the mom or stepmom. Even though it appears that the stepmom is guilty of nefarious behavior, I stand by my conviction that people too quickly jumped to accuse her. Furthermore, comments on the Facebook page "Missing Kyron Horman" continue to blame and chastise Desiree Horman as well, since she said that she now acknowledges that she saw red flags earlier on...and for the fact that she hasn't had custody of him.

If it weren't such a sad story and a child were not missing, I would be amused by all of the armchair detectives who claim that if they were put in a room with Horman, they could drag his location out of her. (Because naturally they are more talented than law enforcement officers!)

I continue to follow the story closely and hope that Kyron is found safe and sound. I will never be able to understand the sick thought processes of a parent or step-parent who could harm his or her own child in any way (or put out a hit on her husband for that matter!). This case is exhausting and frustrating all of Portland, and I hope they come to a resolution and find him soon.

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