Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rest in peace, "the other white meat"!

Many, many years ago, BC (before children), Mike and I were invited to the home of a retired pastor and his wife--they had been missionaries in Papua New Guinea and were very interesting people--and they kindly invited us over to dinner.

A few days before, the woman called up and asked Mike if there was anything we didn't eat. He responded: "We don't eat red meat." (At the time, I still occasionally ate hamburgers [no more], but Mike avoided it nearly altogether.)

What did they serve us? Pork chops. The other white meat. Clearly, they had been bamboozled by the pork industry's ad campaign.

Who on earth does not consider pork to be red meat?

I actually dislike pork in general even more than I dislike beef...because of the time in high school biology when I had to dissect a fetal pig. (If you want to see what a fetal pig looks like, just look in Google Images, but I couldn't bear to put a photo on my blog!!! Yuck!!!) I've never been able to look at ham in the same way since then. I can eat bacon occasionally, Canadian bacon, or highly seasoned breakfast sausage (something that disguises the meat's origin!), but no thank you to ham!

We ate the pork chops...we didn't have much choice and we were too polite to say anything.

But thank God they are moving on from this "other white meat" bullshit.

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