Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Navy rats, Idaho visitors, and the Lion King

Last week Kieran went to bible school at a local Lutheran church. His age group was called the "Navy Rats" (it was a high seas theme). Here he is on the last day, when I went to retrieve him.

Our friends from Idaho came for a visit from Thursday through Sunday, and we had a wonderful time hanging out with them. The kids play together so well, leaving lots of time for the adults to catch up and drink wine! Unfortunately the fifth member of the family, Ken, had to stay home and work and couldn't join in the fun...especially because Shelia was here on their 15th wedding anniversary. But he did send Shelia some sweet e-mails, making me think that Mike and I need to do more of that!
One of the activities the kids enjoyed was playing "Truth or Dare," a new app Chris downloaded on his iPod Touch. This was the "under 18" version, and most of them were fairly tame. The kids kept choosing the dares, while the adults chose the truths! This was after Chris was dared to have the person on his right (one of the girls) choose a condiment out of the fridge and have him eat a spoonful. She was really nice and chose apricot preserves--it could have been so much worse! (The next day Kieran got the same dare and someone had him eat salad dressing, after which he was in tears!!)
Here is Myla giving Ari a piggy back ride around the room (one of the dares):

And Kieran giving Beck a bear hug:

Now Myla is giving Ari a mustache out of mustard!

At first Ari couldn't stop laughing, but then she decided she didn't like it very much! (Can't say I blame her...)

Now, that's better!

Here's Shelia pondering how she can creatively answer the question "can you cook?" truthfully... 

On Friday I took much of the day off, and we went to some yard sales with the girls and then into Multnomah Village. On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market, my favorite local resale shop, and Trader Joe's (no Trader Joe's in Idaho!).

For one of my dares, I had to close my eyes until my next turn, and for one of Myla's, she had to hold hands with me until her next turn. For one of Mike's dares, he had to say "there you go again" every time someone said the word "like" for the next 3 hours...but he didn't last that long!

I have to say, it was actually a fun, interactive game for everyone to play...

Ari got her hair all messed up for one of her dares--she enjoyed that one! (Just don't get that mustard anywhere near me!)

Enjoying the warmer weather (finally!) on Saturday night--eating al fresco...

With two of my boys...

Shelia and kids left Sunday morning and in the afternoon, I took Kieran to see "The Lion King" downtown--the long-awaited birthday present from April. Posing before at Keller Fountain:

Our friends Kristin, Roger, Aimee, and Jonah also attended that afternoon, so it was fun to see them during intermission and briefly afterward. Here we are after the show, Kieran in his new t-shirt:

All in all, a very fun weekend! I think summer is (almost) here. (It was chilly again today!)

I know once we arrive in hot, humid Orlando, we'll be longing for the Oregon weather once again

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