Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Gores announce split

Tipper and Al Gore have announced they are splitting up after 40 years of marriage. I find this to be not terribly surprising (given that celebrity or politician marriages rarely seem to have a long shelf life) but sad, as Mike and I are approaching our own 20-year anniversary this month.

Interesting that this was the photo Yahoo chose to use in its news article:

The body language in this photo is telling. It doesn't look like a very romantic or tender kiss, does it? And look at the way Tipper is drawing back from him. It must be awfully difficult to be the wife of a politician...especially when that wife doesn't have a career of her own. (Gore earned her M.A. in psychology and worked for awhile as a photographer until Al was elected to congress, but has mostly been defined by her role as Al's wife.)

Contrast that to the amazing Dr. Jill Biden, who not only continues to teach at a community college, but also is working to advocate for community college education...she has found a way to maintain her own life and career in spite of her husband's highly public role.

Who would ever have thought that the Gores would end up divorcing and the Clintons would still be together? And I for one am glad to see Hillary Clinton be in the public eye way more than Bill nowadays. He had his day in the sun, and now it's her turn.


  1. Very apt thoughts on that kiss! Looks like it hurts. I guess I just am still naive enough to believe that when you spend a certain number of years together, that you have ruled out splitting up. And of course, they are the only ones who know what is right for them and it is NONE of our business even if I pretend it is by posting stuff on my FB page!!! And one footnote, Tipper actually did do a lot with the music industry and started the Parents Resource Center which was instrumental in getting the record companies to let people know when lyrics are explicit or kid-unfriendly. Some people believe her to be a stick in the mud and/or censor as a result but she did what she believed.

  2. What an awful photo! It's amazing how much body language can tell us.