Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day celebration

Last weekend after we returned from San Francisco, we kicked into Father's Day festivities. Here are Kieran and Nick with some of the token souvenirs we brought back for them. Nick got a cable car, and Kieran got some lovely teeth:

We headed up to Lewis & Clark State Park in Washington, where we often meet my sister and her family for the afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely miserable! We headed to one of the covered areas...there was a couple there reserving some space, but they said we could share it with them. In a classic example of small world, they were from Puyallup and live close to where my sister and her husband live. They were meeting family who were driving up from Vancouver. Furthermore, they were Lutheran! They actually sang "Be Present at Our Table Lord" before digging in to their picnic. Too funny!
They were also very patient about putting up with our high level of boy energy. The rain didn't stop the boys from riding their bikes through the mud puddles and getting absolutely sopping wet. In spite of the weather, we had a nice afternoon!
Here is big cousin Chris showing Garrett a brain puzzle game on his DS:

Grandpa with the redheaded grandsons:

With my wonderful sister (yes, it was June in the Northwest!!):

After learning how to ride earlier this spring, Kieran had a crisis of confidence and hasn't rode for months. Last Sunday he finally got back on and had success!

Dad opening his presents from Nadine & David (with Ryan)--we are all huddled around the fire, which the other family so nicely built!:

With Mike, Chris, and Mom:

Kieran on the scooter:

Bike-riding Ryan:

Twin riders:

Nick in action:

Later the boys decided to put on a "play":

Notice the muddy, wet pants and shoes? Here's Kieran at the end of the afternoon:
He is definitely my "dirty" boy!! No matter what, he always manages to get dirty or tear holes in his pants. He lives life to the fullest!!
I think the fathers enjoyed the day, but it would sure be nice if next year we got some sun!

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