Saturday, June 5, 2010

Christopher's "I Am" Poem

My son's seventh-grade block teacher has been rigorously challenging them this year with all sorts of ambitious social studies, writing, and literature projects. I love it! The latest assignment is to write a poem about themselves. Here is Chris' masterpiece:

I am a student: clinging on to "A" level grades like a hawk clings on to its prey, pouring everything I can into 7 hours of pandemonium. Learning while keeping it stored in my brain.

I am a friend: caring about the remarks and opinions of others. Trying to help and getting better as 365 days pass. Each new day is a new dawn of friendship.

I am a lion: living for perfection, striving for glory. Standing up for what I believe, getting faster and faster and never stopping. Believing in myself, the sunset is my savannah.

I am an actor: dramatically inspiring, crying, laughing, taking a mistake and working through it. Living the dream of a lifetime, something you cannot explain in words.

I am a family member: listening carefully for reasons and advice, a good role model, the eldest of 3, growing like no other, a cycle of life.

I am Chris.

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