Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chris overjoyed with his new tech toy!

Chris is our media kid. As a child, he spent hours pouring over our large binder of music CDs. He could name the album and band for each one before he even knew how to read.

In the early grades, he memorized the ratings of the movies in the theaters by reading the newspaper.

As he got older, he became increasingly interested in video games, although the poor kid is held back by his parents' strict requirements about what kinds of video games are brought into the house. He didn't get a GameBoy Advance until he was 8 (for his birthday)--I say this because so many VERY young children nowadays have Nintendo DS systems. He upgraded to a DS after he saved up enough money and had traded in a bunch of games he'd amassed.

I sold him my iPod Shuffle a number of years ago when I upgraded to a Nano--for cheap, but I did make him pay up!

We finally took the cell phone plunge earlier this year, much later than most, although we gave him a very limited number of minutes and dictated that the phone was to call US or for emergencies. Such mean parents!

And for the past several months, he's been stockpiling his allowance and doing yardwork to earn money, to be able to purchase an iPod Touch. The day finally arrived yesterday--and he is thrilled with his new toy.

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