Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blaming the mother(s)

Kyron Horman is still missing after 9 days, and just today they have declared the case a criminal investigation. I have no idea why it took so long, because there didn't seem to be any indications that he just wandered off (out of school, a typically well-behaved, quiet child?).

The Facebook and media comments are rabid with speculation about who is to blame.

And let me just pose this question:

Why is the blame always heaped on the mother, or in this case, the mother and the stepmother?

All sorts of armchair detectives are convinced that the stepmother nabbed him because she took a photo of him before he disappeared...because she posted on her Facebook page that she was going to go work out...and especially because the family avoided the spotlight for several days. The judge and jury of the internet seem to know far more than the police or FBI investigators.

When the family finally did agree to go before the cameras, the know-it-alls pilloried the stepmother because she wasn't looking at the cameras!

The mother has also been badmouthed and accused, but most of the blame is being put at the stepmother's feet.

Now I realize that in the vast number of cases of child abductions, the perpetrator is either a family member or someone else the child knows. I realize this is why people are casting aspersions on the family, and the "safety" of the internet leads to people to say things they might not otherwise feel comfortable saying.

But according to this Web site, 75% of nonfamily abductors are male. The percentage of women abducting children in family cases is higher than that of other crimes, but it's still only 43% (leaving 57% of the abductors to be male)

I find it gravely concerning and a sad reflection on our society that these internet detectives are heaping these slanderous attacks on the stepmother (who raised Kyron as her own son) and the mother. Man, are we really stuck in the dark ages.

Bottom line is--he's still missing. And something went seriously wrong at that school because the parents and authorities were not notified of his disappearance. I cannot begin to understand what is going on in this investigation, and I'm not even going to try. The last thing the family needs is slander and abuse--we need to let the professionals do their jobs.

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