Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The latest fad diet?

No, it's not South Beach--or the Zone--or the Mediterranean Diet--or the French Women Don't Get Fat Diet...it's the Spending Diet!

Kieran has been saving his money steadily in his "wand fund"--in the hopes that he'll be able to purchase a wand in Ollivander's Wand Shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, when we go to Orlando in July. (We plan to meet Mike's sister and her family, and Mike's mum. Plus, Mike has an aunt and a bunch of cousins who live there.)

At least he has stopped telling me that he'd rather go to New York City to see "Wicked" (for now) and now has resigned himself to going to Orlando.

Kieran announced today that he was on a spending diet. We need to do the same, to get ready for the big binge in Orlando. (Kieran informed his teacher that as soon as you arrive in Orlando, you hear a giant sucking sound--the sound of all the money draining out of your wallet.)

The theme parks will certainly cost us a lot of $, but at the same time I realize that we do it very conservatively compared to most families. We don't do the character breakfasts or spend a fortune on food and souvenirs...and we don't buy multi-day hopper passes. But it's STILL expensive.

At least the housing is reasonable, and way less pricey that Vancouver BC in August (our other vacation destination).

I hope the wands are in his budget!

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