Monday, May 17, 2010

Kieran's first communion

Kieran had his first communion yesterday. He made cross necklaces for all of the communicants (he spied the pattern in an Oriental Trading Company and was determined to make them). On Saturday they all gathered at the church with their teachers, the pastor, and the priest and made the communion bread.

He is such a shy, retiring wallflower and absolutely hated being the center of attention. (Those of you who know Kieran know how facetious I am being.)

Waiting to go up for communion
With his godparents and our friends Drew & Laurie (also our pastor)
With Father Neil (who officially retired but
still is very active in our community)
Kieran reading a story to us at the small gathering we had afterward

The weather was nice so we were able to eat brunch out on the deck! First al fresco dining of 2010!

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