Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grease is the word

For the past few months, Chris has been working diligently after school and on the weekends as part of the cast of "Grease" at his middle school. We all wondered if it would all come together, but it did! Last Thursday was opening night, and they also had shows on Friday and Saturday (matinee and evening). Many of the roles (including Chris') were double cast--I'm not sure how those kids managed to keep their separate parts and choreography straight, but they did!

Here are Kieran and Nick in full Grease regalia for the Saturday matinee performance:

Since it was Mother's Day weekend, my sister and her family were able to come for the performance! (Last year when Chris was in "Bye Bye Birdie," Nadine, David, and kids and my parents all missed the performances, so it was fun to have them there this year.)
Grandpa and Daniel:
My cousin Tim, his wife Ginger, and their daughter Victoria also came to the show:
Chris as a "Burger Palace boy" (nee greaser):
Asking Jan to the dance:
Intermission--Hi Neal and Annette!
Chris (or Roger) dancing with Jan at the high school hop:
Roger arriving late for the rumble:
Beauty School Dropout (with Queen Angel):
We Go Together:
Here is a glimpse of "Greased Lightning":

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out to see Chris in Grease: 
Catherine and Brad; Ron, Linda, Robert, and Nicole; Aunt Terry and Uncle Bill; Christie and Kate; Nadine, David, Ryan, Daniel, and Garrett; Mom and Dad; Tim, Ginger, and Victoria; Jeanne, Erin, and Nora; Neal and Annette; and Maureen. (Forgive me if I've forgotten anyone!!) Chris really appreciated your support--you have no idea!

He's very sad that the play is over--as are Kieran and Nicholas. Thank you also to Andrea (the director) and Sarah (the producer) for giving Chris such a great opportunity to experience musical theatre. We could see how much he had grown as an actor and dancer since last year, and we really appreciate your coaching and support of him. He had a BLAST!! 


  1. Fun!

    Your boys are adorable! I love that Kieran and Nicholas had the proper attire also.