Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cookie Monster Metal

My oldest son, Chris, has had a thing for Cookie Monster since he was 3 years old and his Grandma England bought him a Cookie Monster beanie baby in Henley, England. "Cookie" has been loved dearly (and shows it!). He's been stitched and repaired several times, and for years Chris slept with Cookie every night.

Unfortunately, Mike told him once that if Cookie were exposed to water, he would "explode." I think he wanted to deter him from putting him in the bath--I can't exactly remember why he said that. But as a consequence, Chris has been terrified to let us try to wash Cookie in any way. Here's Chris with Cookie many years ago:

Cookie has now graduated to a place of honor on the top of Chris' dresser. But I know he is going to LOVE this video, which a friend recently posted on Facebook--Cookie Monster + drumming? Couldn't find a better combination for Chris.

When he first acquired Cookie, he wasn't much of an eater...but now his fondness for eating nearly matches his idol's enthusiasm. Hope he keeps his amazing metabolism forever!! I give you "Cookie Monster Metal":

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