Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting ready for Easter...

Palm Sunday: Our church tried something new this year--some religious scholars such as Marcus Borg posit that the procession led by Jesus was a radical contrast to the procession on the other side of Jerusalem with the high-falutin' Pharisees. So we had two processions around our new labyrinth--one by the Pharisees (Mike was one of these; see below), who looked down on the people processing with Jesus. Mike of course really got into his part, sneering at us peasants!

On Good Friday, Mike took the kids to a music booster carnival at the middle school and then went off to church while I stayed home with the kids and dyed Easter eggs. (How pagan of me!) We couldn't find the egg dye--which I swore we had!--so we had to improvise. My grandmother used to make the most gorgeous marbled eggs, and I'm forever trying to recreate them...but they are never quite as pretty as hers. (She also used to make a fantastic poppy seed coffee cake on Easter, also which I've never been able to duplicate exactly.)

We marbled our eggs with 1 Tbsp. food coloring (unfortunately we only had enough for two colors), 1 Tbsp. of oil, 1 Tbsp. of vinegar, and water. We had lots of dye left over.

I think they turned out pretty well!

Nicholas loved this process...

Here's Nick on Saturday morning, looking cute:

Some of you might remember the Carter's line featuring the artwork of John Lennon in the 1990s...this was a sweatshirt Chris wore 10 years ago!

Nick has inherited Mike's ability to curl his have the other boys. I'm not that talented.

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