Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amazing bread made by an ex-con drug dealer (but not a killer!)

Those of you who are wheat intolerant know that it's really hard to find a TASTY wheat-free bread. Trader Joe's sells a variety, and it's okay, but it doesn't have much texture to it. The other day Mike had a turkey sandwich on a gluten-free bun at the Deschutes Brewery, and it was pretty good, but not as good as a REAL bun. The best gluten-free bread we've found is made at Buddha Bites, a local Portland food cart down the road from my office. (It's not whole grain, but it's tasty.)

I can't remember how we first discovered Dave's Killer Good Seed Spelt Bread, but it's all Mike eats now, and it's my usual choice as well. (People who are gluten intolerant usually cannot eat spelt [an ancient form of wheat], but Mike and I both have wheat sensitivities, so spelt works great for us.) Dave's regular wheat bread is awesome too. And it's all organic.

The best part about buying Dave's Killer Bread is supporting an amazing success story. Dave is a former drug dealer, meth addict, and ex-con. When he got out of prison and decided to turn his life around, his brother took him back in and made him a partner in the family bakery. Watch a video about his journey below, and if you want to know more, you can read his 18-page story on his web site as a PDF.

Last year we had a crisis when we couldn't find Dave's Killer Spelt Bread anywhere! Everyone seemed to be out of it. I e-mailed Dave to find out what was happening, and it turns out his spelt source was having challenges. We were very happy when those challenges got resolved and it was back on the shelves!

We buy Dave's bread at the Portland Farmers' Market, Fred Meyer, and even Costco (although no spelt bread there). In the past few years, his business and name have really taken off. Our friends in Boise can even get Dave's bread in their local Costco now! It's especially fun to buy our bread directly from Dave himself at the farmers' market. I love the fact that he turned his life around and is using his creative talents for good.

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