Friday, March 26, 2010

Stephen Colbert on Christian Social Justice = Nazis

You've no doubt heard about the latest rant by Glenn Beck, equating Christians who believe in social justice with communism and Nazism. I don't pay much attention to anything that lunatic says, but this tirade deserves a comment.

Regular readers know that I've got lots of issues with the Catholic church. Some of my best friends are Catholics! :) Seriously, being married to a Catholic, related to Catholics, and surrounded by amazing human beings who are Catholics, I separate my criticism of the institutional church from my love for these people who live out their faith.

Granted, I realize that the Catholic church also has a bunch of diehard fanatics who can be found saying very hateful, condemning things on web sites such as the Catholic Reporter (viewed to be overly liberal by conservative Catholics). But nearly all the Catholics I know personally are loving, nonjudgmental types...both those who are still church going, and the ones who have "lapsed."

Of all the things about the Catholic church that anger me (first and foremost, the church's official stances on female clergy, gays and lesbians, birth control, and ignoring the sexual abuse of children!!), the #1 thing I admire about the church is its staunch commitment to social justice. The Catholic church, in song, scripture, and deeds, almost glorifies "the poor," as they are called. One of my least-favorite Catholic songs (not because of the words, but because of the extremely slow tempo it's played at in our church--it's almost like a dirge!) is "Cry of the Poor."

Take a look at Stephen Colbert's take on Glenn Beck--he is visited by Jesuit priest James Martin to discuss Catholicism's dangerous wading into communist waters...

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