Saturday, March 27, 2010

Starting out spring break in Seattle...

Sunday (Mike's birthday) we headed up to Woodinville, where our dear friends Nancie, Dave, and Catlin live. They made a wonderful birthday dinner for Mike, and we shared in great conversation as always.

Monday the weather forecast called for rain, but instead we saw blue skies as we headed out, and instead of going to the science center we decided to head for the zoo. I hadn't been to the Woodland Park Zoo for probably 23 years, although Mike had taken the older kids there several years before. It's a beautiful zoo and allows much closer access to the animals than the Oregon Zoo. For some reason, usually-rosy Nicholas was in a foul, very clingy mood during the morning, although he perked up after lunch and especially when we discovered the Zoomazium (an indoor park for kids).

Playing drum in the African village:

One of the things the kids loved about this zoo was the proliferation of stone and brass animal statues to climb on.

With the orangutan:

On the historic carousel:

My favorite part was the new baby gorilla, who was only 9 months old. So cute!!

Watching the gorillas:

Nick aping the gorilla:

After the zoo, we went to Ben & Jerry's across from Green Lake, bought ice cream to eat in the park, and then walked a bit around the lake. It was such a pretty day, although chilly. In all the time I've spent in Seattle over the years (even living there over a couple of summers when I was a nanny for my cousins), I had never been to Green Lake, and I loved the vibe!

Watching the crew training--brought back memories for Mike from his crewing days at Oxford:

The next day, Tuesday, promised nice weather too, but we had promised Kieran the science center--however, unbeknownst to us, it was closed on Tuesday. Revised plan: head to the children's museum, which cost us more money because they do not have a reciprocal relationship with other children's museums (unlike the science center and the zoo). Nick LOVED the children's museum, though (when we were leaving, he said "I LOVE this place!"), and the older kids were good big brothers and tagged along cheerfully (especially poor 13-year-old Christopher, surely too old for children's museums!).

Kieran and I with our tinkertoy creations in the tinkertoy exhibit:

One of Nick's favorite parts:

And dressing up in the theater:

Then it was off to Pike Place Market--also hadn't been there for probably 5 or 10 years--can't remember!

The boys had pieroshkies at the Russian place, Nick had a hot dog, Mike had borscht and a Greek salad, and I had a chicken gyro. We loved all the ethnic food choices. Kieran was "delighted" to find a Turkish Delight store--since he still loves Turkish Delight--where he bought four different pieces--orange and lemon!

Before getting in the car for our drive home (I cut myself out of the photo because I didn't like the picture of me):

We had such a fun time in Seattle, and we wished we had planned to stay longer!

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