Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Princess and the Pea

We began spring break by journeying up to Puyallup on Friday evening to spend time with my sister and her family. Two of my nephews were appearing in a play at their school engineered by the amazing Missoula Children's Theater. Their touring group goes into schools and conducts auditions and produces plays--within one week! They bring all the costumes, sets, etc. In this case, they had just two adults to direct a cast of about 50. We were amazed at what they did in such a short amount of time. It was a VERY cute, fairly elaborate, musical 1-hour show.

Ryan before the play--he was a bamboo shoot gardener (or something like that!)

Garrett as a dust bunny

They don't look nervous, do they?

As I posted a few weeks ago, Daniel was deliberating about trying out for the play, so he wanted to ask Kieran's advice. Of the three boys, he seems to be the one who is most interested in theater and imaginative play. However, on the day of the auditions, he had a horrible ear infection, so he wasn't able to fully participate. We were all worried about how he would feel when Ryan and Garrett got parts, but fortunately he rose to the occasion and enjoyed his role as family photographer. He also was their biggest cheerleader! So sweet! The boys got a front-row view for the show! Our kids loved it too!

Ryan with the river folk

The play was a takeoff on the Princess and the Pea--very loosely based on it and updated for our modern era (the princess doesn't marry the prince in the end). The "Pea" is actually her friend--her parents always told her to "mind her Ps and Qs," so she did just that with her Pea. This is how they handled the mattress scene--Princess on top and Pea below.

Garrett as dust bunny--he was so cute!

The plot was about "Glacierdom" (on the right) vs. "Riverdom" (on the left). It also featured leprechauns, including one adult (from Missoula Children's Theater) who spoke in a silly Irish accent.

Garrett relaxing in the dust

Ryan reaching high

Aren't they cute?

After the play, we let the kids play on the playground and then went home for lunch. Afterward, I accompanied Nadine and David to watch Ryan's basketball game--the poor kid was EXHAUSTED after hours and hours of rehearsal all week long! But somehow he managed to play basketball!

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