Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kieran's debut as a frog

After an event-filled week, I realize how far behind I am in my blogging and am doing some catch-up.

Kieran participated in an after-school drama club and had a performance a few weeks ago. He was a frog in a play about endangered creatures in the rain forest. All the creatures were trying to convince a man not to cut down the Kapok tree.

Each child came up with his or her own costume, some with parents' help and some not. You can guess whether Kieran wanted our help. (Not!) He's wearing a tie-dyed Peter Pan shirt, with a former Peter Pan costume over the top (he cut out the image of Peter Pan so it could be a hobbit costume too), and a frog mask out of which he cut eyes and nose (so it doesn't exactly look like a frog any more) and green socks on his hands and feet. He had one line--and he said it very proudly!

In the meantime, several kids have quit the middle school production of "Grease" because they didn't think they were given large or good enough roles. I'm so glad that Kieran, as much a performer as he is, was perfectly happy with his role as a frog and his one line.

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